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Naaz Tabassum
T’NAAZ fashion brand is placed at the crossroads of heritage and modernity where the globally loved handmade embroidery “Chikankari” is adorned on classic and timeless designs, presenting on an International platform as both Women’s and Menswear. The T’NAAZ brand aspires to be a complete wardrobe solution for the millennial and modern consumers that appreciate handcrafted traditional work and the use of sustainable fabrics, without compromising on the latest trends and contemporary styles. Brand is aiming to progress as a slow fashion ethical brand providing premium handcrafted fashion at affordable prices and also committed to fair wages for artisans. T’NAAZ is a gift from India to the rest of the world. T’NAAZ is a luxury handcrafted for the modern you.
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    Naaz Tabassum

    I am a fashion designer and a business graduate who has creativity at the centre of everything that I like to do, I have travelled expansively to experience diverse beautiful cultures worked internationally in various countries but always had the culture of my origin Lucknow very close to my heart. So finally, when I decided to take a plunge into business and mixed my love for my roots and knowhow on international trends, the brand T’NAAZ took shape.