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Khomssa Hand Craft
Khomssa Hand Craft
Khomssa is totally inspired from North African traditions and culture which is common fro Fatima's hand and common as protection from the evil eye.Besides I love the design itself on jewelry and garments.We made sure all products are hand made with attention to details and using unique, fine, organic , genuine products .We offer you a beautiful unique collection and we offer you the option to customize whatever you desire.
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    About our Sheprenuer
    Ines Samaali

    I have been always a big fun to Fashion in general and I here wanted to bring a new touch to the Fashion in the Middle East by offering a very different product inspired from a very traditional North African , well known with its unique detailed fine hand work.My goal is to offer you and loved ones a very special treat hand crafted from the scratch made with love and genuine products.