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Seller Testimonials

So ItsHerWay was great in the sense that it is run by two women that are very passionate and they’re helping other women, reaching out to the wider community. The sell unique products, which aren’t mass produced and it was great, to have a platform of this kind. It’s a very community-based platform, so it was good to have that for me to to set and start up. She believes ItsHerWay will open doors to women of today and give them courage to continue their business with passion, add to their confidence and celebrate their unique identity.
I’m a fashion designer for Arabic kaftans. I make kaftans because they are easy to wear and suitable for many different occasions. When I found ItsHerStore, and they approached me, their idea was really good and it worked well especially for me because this was really something I needed, I know that it will continue to help me a lot.” Her career has spanned over 12 years in Media, Marketing, Film Making, Events, IT and Journalism. After successfully running her own marketing venture, she decided to bow out of the usual grind and shift focus to genuinely make a difference. With ItsHerWay, Armin will strive to give today's women a solid support platform and ecosystem through which they can launch, grow and scale their own business for a better future. 
Owner - Miladi
Sarah El Miladi